Wednesday, August 01, 2007

After Show Thoughts

Emiter vs the Curators

Ok, it was not the best concert we ever played, since we had only 2... it's not that bad. It's stupid to look for the blame, but I do have some thoughts why we playes as we did. Emiter was super, I must say, he makes cool music. We did, what we did. Patrick said a very beuatiful sentence to me, afterwards... "Manchmal so, manchmal so". I think that in german, certain words express feeling so well, that when I say that in other language, it's just not the same. That is why I (finally!) like german. I really do. It is so cool to invent words, and in german it is very much possible. Or building them up from various other words... like... hm, for example, I could com eup with a new word, any minute, that would describe for example my guitar. In english it is just a pink guitar, but in german, let's see... Rosagitarre. Ok, that's it - eine Rosagitarre. One word. And it means a rosa guitar, no just a guitar... ok, I do it even more specific, Rosaelektrischegitarre. How about that? Even longer word. Ok, coming back to the concert, I know one thing, we should have make a reherarsal before, we should have. And then, there was too much fuss with everything, to take care of the gallery, the guests, the beer, spilled beer... I was glad that my parents came, and they did come, just for the concert (after that they drove back to Poland). I appreciate that. My Dad liked Jacek's performance the most, he he. One thing I know for sure, we will never perform in our gallery again. That is too much, we have to take care of so many things, that we cannot concentrate on our music. At least we've learned something. Manchmal so, manchmal so.

Eine Rosaelektrischegitarre


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