Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Architects' hard life

I must admit that there are many things I miss, many people I miss. One of them is definalety Defne, my good good friend from AA. We studied together, and I really miss her. She is now in Turkey where she is a succesfull (FEMALE!!!) architect. I am so proud of her, in the profession dominated by men, in a country dominated by men, there she is, has her own office and makes architecture!
It is not only difficult to run own office, to actually get clients and build, but to build good architecture. Investors and clients can be pain in the ass for architects, usually they are. One has to convince thay would want something good, a good design. Mostly however architects have to build what investors want, and aften that is tasteless. Architects have to give their ambisions away, sign their names under something they are not proud of, they are ashamed of. Architecture, as profession, is/might be prostitution. People often criticize architects for whet they build, they don't know that it is not only/always architects who decide how should things look like. Me myself, I criticize architects a lot, in my texts. But usually the big ones. My favourite is Lord Foster. Almost in every text I write, doesn't matter what about, I mention the Lord's name in it. It is my hobby, my habit. But still, I know that architecture is not such a creative profession, one has to compromise with the client, who has the money. Second, the creative part, is usually the first 5 minutes, th eprocess of making the sketch, the idea, the design. Afterwards it is the craft and tachnology. I am writing as I would know, well, once I worked in an office. Long time ago. The smallest office in the world, just him (the architect) and me. But at some point I quit. I had my own project (though it was art... but still).

Anyway, as I said, I am proud of Defne! She is really cool.

Ok, this is the Millenium Bridge (a very old photo, 2001), designed by Lord Foster. I remember how funny it was, when they opened this new fresh new bridge, on the next day they had to close it. I started to wobble as people walked on it. Yes, I was laughing with my demonic laughter! Ha ha ha ha! Poor Lord, he tried so much, he was frustrated, that it was Herzog&DeMeuron, who did the Tate Modern, not him, sorry, not Him. So he really wanted to have something of his in the area. And that was the wobbly Millenium Bridge.
Of course I have no idea whose "fault" that was, either the engineer (Chris Wise) ot Foster - again, it is hard/unfair sometimes to blame the architect only. On the other hand, it is the archiect's name that appears in connection to the design, so they also should be blames it things go wrong. It is not only fame, life has always 2 sides.


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