Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Artists... Ego-Shooter

Recently I was thinking a lot about artists... as such. I had a brief talk with one of our artists, who is exhibiting now and he was constantly saying how great his works are. That is of course a bit annoying. Finally I told him, he had a super EGO, so he answered that each artist has. Hm, I disagree. As I know many different artists, I noticed that the really good ones do not talk about their works, their art, how great they all are. It is the "small" ones who do. It is actually very cheap to walk around praising own artworks. I don't know, maybe I am wrong, but I think it is cheap.
Great artists don't have to tell everybody about their "gretaness" - their works speak for themselves. It is similar with architects, I remember that from all lectures or presentations of various more and less famous, more and less "great" architects, the only two who were really "normal" and humble were Frei Otto (yes, then he was still alove, is he still?) and Jacques Herzog. All the other "star" architects were only saying that they are the BEST. I think that also has to do with respect.
Sometimes some artists come to me to the gallery and talk and talk about their great works. Ok, for some time it is ok, it is good to know what are other people doing, but a self-oriented monologues... oh, that is so poor. There are also people who come to an opening of an exhibition of some other artist, and they don't even glance the works - they just sit there talking about themselves. But am I wrong? Maybe that is the way a BIG ARTIST should behave? Oh, but all this role-playing thing, pretending to be the best artist in the world, playing important... that is so fake. One can really see it at once, who is playing and who really makes great art.


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