Wednesday, August 01, 2007


(this is a very old photo, I took it in... 1992? in Kaszuby...)
For the last weeks I was writing a paper, a proposal, (I will not say for what, just in case...), however it was a scientific paper. I haven't been writing scientific papers since ages. It is of course a completely different style, than in a journalistic article, different language, vocabulary. Howvere I managed to send the paper on time, a day before deadline. We will see. I was writing about architecture and catastrophes and media. My themes. I collect disaster movies, I love disasters. I love when building collapse... why? No idea, maybe because I am an architect... a non-practicing architect? Anyway, who cares, I just love catastrophes. However, I just feel so relieved that I finished this paper, now I can breathe and relax, concentrate on other things, like work maybe? Yes, yes, I have to get back to reality and concentrate on the next issue of VOX Design. But that is a pleasant thing. And I have to do some drawings for one magazine, and write a text about Second Life. Fine.
But why was I mentioning all that? Ah, the reason was thi sgreat feeling of accomplishing something, even more, finishing something, submitting it and being "free". Now I can go and have a coffee and relax. Untill I find myself another "task"... When I was younger, I always thought that after finishing something, I can have holidays. I still think so, but after one thing, there is ALWAYS another thing. I naver experience a completely "free" time, so I can just do nothing. Amazing. Is it? It was the same when I was in France, when I was 18, on a bike tour with 2 other guys. We rode around north west France, Brittany. I must admit that was brave of me then, these guys were crazy about bicycles, they practiced before, their muscles were so hard! And me, ha, I bought a bicycle a week before the trip. However, as we rode, (ca. 80km/day) and we were climbing up a hill (yes, Brittany is hilly!), I always imagined how lovely it will be on the other side, to cycle down fast and without any truoble... but there was always ANOTHER hill... this view, as we were going down a hill, of another hill, was so shitty, so dramatic, I will never forget that there is always another hill.


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