Friday, August 17, 2007

Censorship in Warsaw

Funny, this is a photo of a billboard I saw some months ago in Warsaw Metro. Yes, yes, Warsaw has only one line, from north to south. Whatever. The issue is that the billboard is an ad of the new book by Coelho ("The witches are still burning" - rough translation from polish). But then, someone censored it - the image shows the cover, in bookstores one can find this book without this stupid black square which covers the nipple. Oh, but in public space the nipple is covered. Poland is becoming as prudent as USA. Even though the nipple is in a context of a mother's breats, which should be something of a great polish value - archetypical polish mother. But no, the black square has appeared to say that even a milky breast of a polish mother is bad. Bad bad bad! What would children say?!
I don't really like Coelho's books. I read the "Alchemist" and some other ones. But I am not a fan. In Poland he is very very well known, pleople love him. As much as they love Wharton. I don't understand that. But it has to do with... women magazines. I remember when some years ago Wharton was praised in magazines like Elle or Viva. Then everybody was reading it. Whatever Viva says, people do. It is the same now with Coelho. Whatever.


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