Friday, August 17, 2007

Design, Design

So one of my summer activities is working on VOX Design. We are preparing summer issue now, number 7. It is my second issue now. I am Editor-in-Chief since April/May. I must say it is fun, although not easy. However it is a new experience. Now I am on the other side of journalist barricade, I don't write (well, only a little) but I ask other people to write, then I read it, make corrections etc etc. I decide what should people write about. Hm, that is really cool, but on the other hand it is responsability. But again, it is fun.

This is the cover of our last issue. As I came to VOX Design, I made some changes, for example now in every issue there is a title story. Last issue was about nature and design. I wanted to show that environmental design doen't have to be boring, it doesn't have to be like some people think - it is not about hippie ecelogists dancing in the moonlight, no esotherics, no poor materials. sustainable design can be also cool. When I wrote for other magazines, architecture magazines (I still do write), they never wanted anything about sustainable architecture. Hm. Of course now in Poland it becomes a trend, a fashion, but then, some years ago, nobody wanted to know about that. And now, as I have a say, I made the whole issue of VOX Design about environmental design. See? It can be cool.


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