Friday, August 17, 2007

Music and art

My parents came again, a week ago, to visit us. We had some coffee. That was, as always, great to see them again. I should go to Poznan soon, just no idea when. Now Jacek is in Poland, I have to stay here, at least to keep the gallery open. But maybe I will find a moment to go to Poland. Maybe...

My Mom is playing our great (made in china) electric violine. I imagine she could play, she has some background in music. I don't.

That was few days before our (The Curators) third concert. We performed at the Block Party at Planet Prozess. There were lot's of people, however not at our little improvised stage. We played on second floor. Everybody was outside or on the first floor, where the bar was, and other bands played. I think it was better like that - we played in an art space not in a concert hall - our idea is to perform in art spaces anyway. So we did. We played nex to the mural by M-City - a polish street artist. In the second set Wolfgang Seidel took over the E-violine. Johnny Zabala, who was around, just came to see what we do. So we said, if you have your guitar with you, come and jam with us. And so he did. I admit I liked our improvisation. Maybe Johnny was a bit too much of a "star" (I mean musical attitude) but it was all right. It was cool, but then we had to stop, the party was over. Oh!


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