Monday, September 17, 2007

On the road to Folkecenter

As I wrote before, I was in a miserable mood for some time, but as I went to Folkecenter it all turned out all right. I came back happy and full of energy. What is Folkecenter then? It is a place, north of Denmark, really north. As one can divide Denmark into 2 parts: Copenhagen and the rest, so I was in the rest part. Folkecenter is near from Ydby, a small village. Not much happening. I got a cheap train ticket (3 days before my travel, wow, I never buy tickets that soon) - and left on Friday night (Friday the 14th)... at 11pm. Of course I didn't want to leave home, travel, change trains 5 times in the night, I preferred to stay home... but in the end I went. As I arrived in Hamburg, I had around 2 hours of waiting for the next train. Hamburg's main train station is a straaaange place. Strange people in the middle of the night... so I sat in a 24hour bar, along with other lost souls and local junkies, drinking hot chocolate. Few of them. I talked to a very nice girl, Ingrid, she was also on her way. She was traveling to Copenhagen and she was taking the same trains, at least 2 of them, as me. So we spent some time talking, although I had some problems with understanding her german, she was actually Austrian. When I went to the toilet she found other people to talk to, though. Anyway, I was reading a book, listening to what they talk about. Still they were sitting next to me. Two guys, strange, one of them was somehow Russian or something, the other was one of those typical Agents Provokateur... he was building up a discussion about the world, catastrophes, climate change etc. Funny, I was just reading "State of Fear" by Crichton (well, maybe it is a cheap american bestseller in a colorful cover, but it is about catastrophes and climate change - actually about conspiracy about climate change = my favorite themes!)... and this guy was provoking the girl Ingrid to discuss these issues... at 3am. Fine. Hamburg.

Sheeps... in Denmark... hu hu...

So finally we got on another train, and there was another change in ... Neumuenster... wherever that is. We had like 1,5 hours till the next train. It was cold and dark... as it was around 4am there was nobody on the station... so we (Ingrid and me) waited for our train which was suppose to come around 5am... but it didn't. So we were standing there, on this desolate ghost station... till 6am. Finally the train came. wow! Who said that the Germans were always on time? Of course I missed my connections later... everything was delayed... finally I arrived to Struer (another small town in Denmark) and in the end Jane picked me up with the car. I arrived to Folkecenter at 1pm on Saturday. Wow.

But there we had a quiet weekend, only Preben - the BOSS, Jane and me. I spent the whole Saturday and Sunday outside, checking the site, being in nature, in the wind... that was great. I love to be there, I usually walk around alone, just walking, not even thinking too much. This time I had to do that - one of my jobs there is to make an axonometry (perspective drawing) of the whole site. Just like this one I did in 2002, but more detailed and more "functional" so it can serve as a map.

The other job is to make a personal website for Preben. That is a big job. If I consider that I have to put everything he has done, his articles, his achievements... oh, that is amazing. A real renewable energy pioneer. I have biggest respect for him.

And as I thought, that time did me good. Not only being there, as a lonely wolf, in the wilderness of a danish countryside, but also meeting nice people, having wine and good food. Ah, I am really inspired, full of energy and happy.


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