Thursday, September 06, 2007

When things go as they go.

Ok, last month I thought I was happy. Not only happy, but HAPPY. And then, that is so typical in life... things changed. It is not only health... at the moment... small thing, but changes everything. It will be all fine, but for the next 2 weeks, as I wait for the doctor to examine me, then wait for results... it is all a horrible time... waiting, not knowing if it is fine... no, I will not die... although in some moments I do think so... but no, it will be OK... And then, today I got the letter - they didn't take me to the Graduate Kolleg - I wanted to make PhD... I had this great idea... which I thought would make a cool PhD... but no. They had only 12 places and 120 candidates... well, I shall not comment on that. I am not the most happy person today. At least I go to Denmark tomorrow... just for few days, another job, but maybe it will do some good. I go to Folkecenter - Institute for Renewable Energy... it is in the end of the world, north west Denmark.. there is only wind... and windmills. But that may help...

Yes, I feel like 50Cent polyester strings.


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