Wednesday, October 31, 2007

CAT scan

While I was making order on my PC (got a new hard drive with 200gigabytes, yes) I found some old photos which I took in 2002.... well these are actually not photos but scans. Back then there was a very popular website on the net called "cat scan" (do not mix up with medical use of cat scan). One could just send images of scanned cats. It was really funny. Later on, unfortunately, they closed this website. I guess due to eco-freak-animal-saviors who protested against tormenting and torturing poor furry animals. However I managed to scan a cat. I was in Denmark and I had a scanner there and there was a cat. After few attempts it appeared that the cat liked the scanner and didn't want to get out of it. Warm surface of the scanner was a pleasant place for a nap.

Yes, there is even the cat's face recognizable.


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