Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Forest... uuuh, scary!

On Sunday 2 weeks ago the weather was brilliant. One of the last days of summer. So we decided to go to the forest. We were a bit tired after the wedding of our friends' the previous day, so that sounded as a good idea for a hangover. Actually the day before it was the wedding of our guitarist (the Curators) - Patrick and Simone. They have organized a wonderful event - first the wedding took place (the official part) in a... well, in the wedding hall and then we took a great trip with a boat along Spree. After 3hours we arrived in Kreuzberg - there, in a funny and a bit "traditional" restaurant was the dinner. Food, drinks, dancing, wild spanish family... it was very nice.
So Sunday in a forest in Gruenewald (part of Berlin) was a chill-out idea. In the foresat there were almost no people but many spiders and mushrooms. We collected like 2kg of mushrooms. Afterwards we went to the lake, I guess it was Wansee... and there were finally some people enjoying last hours of sun...

Somehow I was really in good mood, also enjoying sun... shame the summer was so short!
Spiders, mushrooms, whales on the beach...
A real nature adventure!


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