Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jacek Slaski aka Bob Dylan

Yesterday we (Jacek, Timm Koelln - the photographer and me) went to the roof of the Berlin Verlag. The view from the top of that "skyscraper" was just amazing. The reason we went there was that Timm had an idea to make a photo shooting session there. So he took photos of Jacek and me, while I styled Jacek as Bob Dylan.

I must say Jacek looks very much like "early" Dylan. So I am posting few snapshots which I did with my (!!!new!!!) mobile. Yes, I do have a new mobile - just got it on Saturday as I went to prolong my contract. Well it is a nice little phone, and in comparison with my old bat - this one finally makes me more civilized. I even downloaded ringtones from the series "24' - which I like very very much. Cool!

Of course these photos are just quick shots, we are waiting for Timm (that can be a long time...) to develop the films and make prints. He used this beautiful analogue camera... hmmm... I cannot wait till I see his photos!


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