Friday, October 05, 2007


Finally it did happen... the first McDonald's in Kreuzberg... I thought there were more protests against it, but all the social activists and anarchists were quite still... apart from few sentences painted white on the sidewalk... I admit I was surprised. Well, Berlin is such a social city, everybody has a right to speak out, and they do. They protest against things, like closing/or not Köpi (the last surviving original squat), against Hartz IV (oh, that's this german social thing) or many other things. I admire that social attitude. I never knew that Berliners (or Germans in general) are so keen on discussing things. I didn't know that till I came to Berlin. In Poland we don't have either the power to change things or to speak them out loud. So that is why I was so surprised that there were not that many protests against Mc. The horrible thing is that it is not only a regular Mc - it is Drive in or Drive Through... can you believe it? Second horrible thing is that it is located next to a school... with many "foreign" kids... so is capitalism... again...


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