Friday, October 05, 2007

Visiting Cracow

That is Anna Noonan (me) in Cracow...

Due to one of my small jobs I was traveling around Second Life yesterday. Strangely my computer was really slow, I have no idea whether it was the fault of my good old PC machine or some strange SL server problems... however I visited Cracow... yes, the polish Cracow (Karków) is also there. I hope maybe all that english tourists who come to Cracow with cheap airlines (ryanair and easyjet) and run around naked drunk to the limits of human understanding, I hope one day as they "discover" SL maybe they won't come that often to one of the most beautiful cities of Poland and piss on the streets... maybe thanks to SL we might save the monuments of Cracow from british ammoniac (I mean pee).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi. came here and liked. hope you fine.

9:28 pm  

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