Friday, April 10, 2009

The Friedrichshain Hank Williams Incident

In the developed country called Germany, in the cool and arty city called Berlin, in the hip and underground district called Friedrichshain, in the hippie area called RAW in Revalerstrasse, in the rockin' place called R'nR Highschool... people, like the club owners were so close-minded that they have thrown us out while we playing music. Last night we had a concert with Doc Schoko, Doc is a "real" musician, he is known in Berlin. So we were invited to perform together with 3 other bands. Yes, a real concert. The first band started around 11pm, with nice and soft rock. And after we played our versions of the Godz's songs. I must say what we do, what we did is a bit different than rockabilly or rock'n'roll... we play improvised music. And even there were not many people in the audience, after 6 songs which we managed to play, somehow some people didn't like it, mostly the club owner and his girls. So when we played the "Hank Williams Song" he turned Jacek off, and turned his music on and he shouted we should stop playing. Doc was furious, he was still playing wildly, shouting and singing, I wanted to fight, Patrick didn't notice anything. So there was a little... there was an argument and in the end they have really switched us off. I mean, even if one doesn't like a band, still, we played half an hour, it was not that dramatic to switch us off... it is just very uncool and very unpolite. We were really offended and we went off the stage. I think it is a shame for the club, very uncool. And so we went to the last place of the freedom in F'hain, to Sheriff Teddy - it is a very local and cool bar (thank god) far away from the uncool tourist areas of F'hain. Our last bastion of the freedom of expression! We even played there once, last summer. We did cover songs of Kylie Minogue. Long time ago. In any case, we went there and we chilled.
It was the second time we were thrown away from the stage. Well. and again, we have a song from this incident - we have recorded the Hank Williams Song and the argument - it is free for download here:
We were the REAL bandits there, with our music! Ha!


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Greetings from Italy,good luck


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hi there Princess, I'm princess Arlini and i'll be adding you to my princess list aka blog list. Thanks.

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