Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vinyl of the day

The Curators' first vinyl!
There we have the first Curators' single on vinyl! How did happen? Simple - today at the HHV store on Revaler Strasse there is an event: "Cut your own record" (for free). So I went there about 11.30 this morning (the action runs 12.00 till 20.00) and I was waiting in a queue to be one of the first to get the record. Of course I was not the first one - I was the 7th, but of course some nerds slimed in before me - yeah, german "gentlemen"... what can I say? Anyway, the deal was (still is till the evening, till they run our of blank vinyls) that you give this man a CD with a track and he records it on a "legendary" vinyl recorder T-560 (whatever that means) and then you have it! So I stood there with my CD (had only one coffee this morning...) with the Curators' song "We are the Curators" :) and after like 50 minutes it was m turn - the man recorded the song! I was a bit ashamed as he played our song loud but it's us, it's our music. Around 1 pm I was ready - and left the shop with my vinyl! Cool! They still cut records as I write this post. Funny, because just 2 days ago we were considering cutting a vinyl - but it is too expensive and who needs 250 records at once? However it is a pleasant thought. Then I met Patrick (the third Curator) who came a bit later to make the record - he had to stand in the long queue but at least we had a coffee!!! An that was a good ending to that "morning" event.

The man and the machine


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