Saturday, October 07, 2006

Good night...

Ok, I am going home now... after a long long day at the gallery. I was following a bit what is happening in Poland now (I am Polish, did I mentioned?)... about 3 political parades in Warsaw, which took place today... 3 different political parties have organised separate events... this is a Muppet Show there, well, Pupper Show... so for good night I attach my recent drawing "Warsaw by night" (for those who don't know, we have twins in Poland - one is the president and the other a premier, and as kids they played in a movie "About the two, who stole the moon"). Sweet dreams!


Anonymous max said...

heeeey, cool u started a blog! thats the best way knnown to man (and woman, of course) to let us know how the princess is doing!

i would have come around sooner, but your blog didnt exist then! ;)



11:27 pm  
Anonymous Grendzia said...

NEW YORK LOVES YOU and we read you hear! great to know about your blog. not only are you a princess but also a real kick ass!

5:33 am  

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