Thursday, June 07, 2007


I must admit - the exhibition in BWA Wroclaw was really cool. Basically BWA is cool. Asia, my curator, did a great job, poor thing, she had a twisted ankle. Agnieszka was also great, we went out and had goot time. And my parents came, and Jacek came from Berlin!

It was also a funny experience, well, th eopening of the exhibition in BWA was I think the shortest one I have seen. We started at 6PM with a short speach by Paweł Jarodzki, the director. Then there was my turn. I didn't really wanted to bother with talking, so I thought I will play a bit on my pink guitar. But of course in this moment it appeared that it was broken. And I had to keep up with my not-planned speach, talking something about what a great city Wrocław is... So there was Jacek trying to fix it, the TV crew who came to make a feature, they also helped... but it seemed that the guitar is dead...

we needed a screw driver... the ones in BWA were somehow wrong... in the end it was Jurek Kosałka, who overheard that we need the screwdriver and juzt took it out from his bag! The show was saved! I said "a picture is 1000 words worth" and had my solo gig!

After that I announced that the buffee and the exhibition is open. Wverybody went in. In 30 minutes all wine was gone. In 60 minutes the opening was over. The cleaning ladies came and we had to leave. Funny! Short. In Berlin, if you make an opening at 6PM, nobody comes on time. And especially in our gallery, the openings last till... 1am? Anyway, I still think it was good this way, at least people really looked at the exhibition... something I doubt about in Berlin... I never do it on openings anyway. Enough of culture differences.
Later on we went to a bar, and stayed there. Don't ask me what was the name of this place...
And there I have learned what is a "bodyshot"... we had some, and it was great! We drank so many tequilas... I even pushed the bartender to give us a round on house. It worked. Jacek wa scompletely drunk, which doesn't happen too often. Only me, I was sober as a horse.

Maybe I was just too excited... when we left this place, we went to another... I mean we - Agnieszka, her cool mom, Jurek Kosałka, Jacek and me. When Agnieszka and her mom left, we stayed. Jacek was talking with Jurek about art... and I "woke up"... I was dancing . Like I sometimes do. That was when all these tequilas finally got to me.

There I am... Jurek Kosałka in the background...

I had a great time!


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