Monday, January 14, 2008

Bearded Softies

Last year we went to Scott Matthew's concert in Berlin. It is one of those singer-song-writers and he composed music to the "Shortbus" movie.

He had his hand injured so he couldn't play guitar - I liked it better. It is a memory sketch - I didn't see him to well from the distance - I didn't have my glasses... anyway...
I was surprised not only how many people came to the concert, but that there was a special sort of people... of men. Apart from all kinds of gays, there was a very special type of men - how can I describe them? Bearded Softies? I noticed this trend now, or rather in the last season, it is difficult to say if it will hold till spring.

They all look like that:

A Bearded Softy contains of: 7-days beard; short hair, not combed ("soft-crazy version" - that means he doesn't care...); doggy-eyes, possibly wet with tears; scared look; woolen sweater in pastel tones; shirt also in pastels; jeans (could fall down a bit, showing sweet underwear).

Sweet sweet Boys!
Seems that this is the trend for boys-men, maybe it is an answer our long-forgotten emancipation or rather the
masculine side of girls which was very popular in the last years.

Often Softies are also fathers - you can see them pulling a cool pram, proud of having a paternal leave in the name of sexual equality. I also saw some of them on TV - definitely the show master and trend-spotter Stefan Raab presented few of them in his SHESKANDEIWNDNSJKXW (whatever, something DSDS-like) show on Pro7. And the audience liked them.

Girls, be careful with Softies, they are sensitive (isn't it what we always wanted?) and they cry sometimes (is it?).


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