Thursday, November 08, 2007

Polis per se

So what was I doing recently? Oh, working. As usual. But there was a nice event we went to - the premiere of the "Persepolis" - an animation movie based on Marjane Satrapi's comic. I have read 2 parts of Persepolis and I loved it. So I was really happy to go and see the movie. Well, the premiere took place in French Culture Institute in Berlin. Yes, there was a red carpet (what for? Brad Pitt wasn't there?) and after the movie there was a little buffet! As I like it. The only problem was that I still cannot drink - still taking antibiotics, so not that much fun for me with free drinks. Anyway. The movie was great - I guess those who liked the comic - they would also like the film. Not much point in describing it, but it was really good. I cried in the end... as always. After the show there was a little meeting with Satrapi and her crew (just 2 guys and 2 actresses who did german voices). Marjane said that she didn't really want this movie but her friend talked her into it. She was "trying" to find all possible obstacles to make it difficult for him, like wanting Catherine Deneuve's voice, but in the end he managed. And Deneuve was on board. Satrapi seemed shy and surprised with all the success, she said that the comic WAS NOT directly telling her own life-story. Yeah, yeah. blah, blah. But really, I do recommend both, the comic book and the movie.