Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Still here

If you were wondering, why I didn't write too much recently - I can tell you why - I was/am so busy that I don't even know my name anymore.
In inDesign
Some of you may know, that we (Gallery ZERO) are making a book about the gallery. It will be a real book - with 17 texts from various authors (like Andreas Broeckmann, Tanja Duckers or Ingeborg Ruthe). Apart from the theoretical part we have also listed all exhibitions, all 106 of them (I think it is 106, something about that), each of them on a page. So what does all that mean? It means that Adobe inDesign is my best friend now. I do the whole layout myself. More tham 500 images, texts (in german and polish) etc etc. And the deadline for the printing house is... now... Next year we will do a big party with the book. Maybe it will be a nice good-bye...

In/out VOX Design

Yes, November/December is the time we finish the next issue of VOX Design. It is also a lot of work, since, again, the printing house is just waiting. And then, we will see how things are next year. The financial crisis got to us as well. And I thought it will never get to me... thinking naive, as I am.
And apart from these 2 major "jobs" I do many small ones, some websites, illustrations for a book, etc. And the Gallery of course, that also takes time, if someone asks. And we will see how it goes, if we run the Gallery next year... In all that end-of-the-year mess, I am at least satisfied that I have learned how to make layouts (if I ever loose my editorial job, can do books), I have some exhibitions of my own works coming up - so it is ok.


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