Thursday, October 30, 2008

Berlin Art Fairs part I.

Part I: Berlin Preview & 5. Berliner Kunstsalon
Starting from Berlin Preview...
As usual I am not writing any comments on the Art really. Just one remark, yes, abstract geometry in 80's colours is in (still and again).

As for the buffet - I managed to get the last Spritz (my favourite drink: Aperol & white wine) before they ran out of glasses. And they did run out of glasses very soon, too soon.

Moving north, stopping at the Berliner Kunsthalle, where Wowi had a speech about art, was hot, crowded and smelled with food...
...towards Kunstsalon.
And as always, Kunstsalon was great. I was a bit afraid that the works exhibited in those vast industrial spaces may disappear, but they didn't. It was a good mixture. Many great works (much more than at the Preview) and of course some not that brilliant. We call an exhibition good when there is an artwork with a monkey or a helicopter. There was a monkey collage (I don't have a photo) and a helicopter sculpture. So the Kunstsalon wins as for the first part of fairs I saw.

That is also a cool sculpture... could have easily been exhibited at Preview.

However art at Kunstsalon is punk... I guess one of the most popular events was a concert and the naked singer... So in which order should we take all that: art, music and tits? Or tits, music and art? I am for the latter one.

One of the trends was definitely gay art... in various forms...

Buffet - partly for VIPs, partly for the mortals... just those meatballs were a bit too heavy.


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