Thursday, January 15, 2009

(Bitter) Sweet Life

Life is bitter, or is it people who are bitter? The latter one, I guess. As you imagine, the year didn't start to too good for me. But in all that sadness I have found a bit of sweetness. Not a little bit, a big bite! One day I have received a package, big box, from Poland. A I opened it I was shocked. The whole box wall full of chocolate! Big, small, bitter (chocolate), sweet, marzipan, cherries... you name it. what a surprise! Who send it? Well, a young man, a polish guy, who worked here on the corner in a pizza bar, some time ago. Whenever I was ordering fast food there and he was there - we talked, sometimes he was visiting us in the gallery. After some time he left Berlin, went back to Poland to work, like I guess he got a "real" job, not a "berlin" job. So he works in a chocolate factory or somewhere, and he remembered us and sent us that sweet box. I not only needed that chocolate (endorphins) but I started to believe there actually are good and selfless people in the world. Isn't it a nice Christmas happening? Definately sweet.
p.s. I didn't eat the whole box, don't worry.


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