Monday, February 02, 2009

Bau Bau Bau in Dessau

As you can imagine I was busy in January. Thinking about life, catching up with deadlines, writing reports, searching for sponsoring for the gallery, painting, drawing, going out etc etc. Two weeks ago I went to Dessau, I was invited as a guest critic for student projects.

I admit - I love to be a guest critic. I did that some years ago at the TU (Architecture Department) in Berlin, and it was great. This time as well - there were some very interesting projects involving ecology, nature and bionics (my subjects!) and architecture. In another studio there were more history-based projects. I will not comment on these. I really love to talk about architecture, to write about it and discuss it. So being a critic is like really it.
Funny, Dessau and its Bauhaus heritage. Seems it is a heavy one.
And of course, the food was good. Especially in the mensa in Bauhaus. As you see - it was cool.

Note: I usually don't drink Coca-Cola, this one, Cola Light means I had hangover. And indeed, I had one - a Dessau hangover.


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