Monday, March 30, 2009

post Marzahn

So we have survived Marzahn - even more - it was really cool. We played only 25 minutes but it went very good. For the first time (ever) I heard what I played, I heard my guitar... maybe the boys just turned my amp louder on the sound check, I have no idea - however I was heard finally - by myself and seems by the audience as well. As soon as I get any reasonble fotos from the performance - I will post them.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Curators LIVE in Marzahn

The time has come to tell you the news: the Curators play a concert... in Marzahn. I don't have to explain that place to Berliners, needless to say - we may not be back...
Here some info about the concert:
SENSOR performance: t.w. blum feat. The Curators
Saturday 28.03.2009, 10 pm (22.00)
Galerie M
Marzahner Promenade 13
12679 Berlin
Basically we do the SENSOR performance with Thomas Wagner, we did that in Warsaw last year. There will be action painting, music, all connected by cables, sensors and our favourite toy - Tenori-on.
Hope to see you there... and hope to see you after that event as well... if we survive.

And seems that the Curators are on, I mean we also play in April with Doc Schoko (more info soon) and I guess we also play in Vienna (MAK) in June. Yes, we do the SENSOR performance there. So as for the global crisis, as for my unemployment situation - I have more time and energy to be creative. Glass is half full.