Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vienna situation

The Curators & Mr Wagner in Vienna
So we did go to Vienna and we performed (we: The Curators & Thomas Wagner). And nobody threw us out, nobody beat us, actually people liked our SENSOR performance.

Ok, art crowd is more open to strange sound events than real music fans, and second - looking historically - Vienna is the source of action painting and wild music. I was also overwhelmed by the MAK space - the hall was really amazing.

Besides, the MAK flat where some of the artists lived, and we had a chance to have a drink and a photo session in a bathtub was really posh! I advise everybody to become a MAK artist and stay there at least for few days.

In the bathtub...
On that (big) evening there were different polish and austrian artists perfoming. But I guess we all liked the austrian Go Go Girls! Real ones! Although they did not perform any strip-tease...

A Go Go Girl...


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