Friday, February 19, 2010

Es herrscht Dauerfrost

Plants on my balcony trapped in permafrost...

Since few months my favourite expression in German is "Es herrscht Dauerfrost". Translated into English should be... "permafrost prevails". Obviously with this winter that we have - this makes sense. I wonder when will this winter end and what do the "global warming" fans say about that. I myself believe (if it is a matter of belief) in global warming, by whatever caused (humans or not). Although this winter made me reconsider my beliefs...

But will this winter ever end? It is frustrating a bit now, we didn't have such winter in years. One should actually say "es herrscht Dauerfrust" (that would mean: "perma(nent) frust(ration) prevails").

But there are also positive things about the permafrost... like the frost images on windows. At least something.


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