Saturday, August 14, 2010

Am I Berlin?

Why did I agree to take part in the "Be Berlin. Berlin Dein Gesicht" project? Well, there are 2 reasons. First of all - I was invited. So I didn't say "no". Second - as a Polish princess - I am very happy to be on the top... of the Siegesaule. Imagine, a Polish woman (wearing a diadem) on the main Berlin monument? How could I reject such an opportunity? Ok, I am among 200 other Berliners, but still! Now the polish princessdom can be officially registered. Finally!

Last Wednesday there was a ceremony - an inauguration of the project - large size photos of 200 chosen Berliners were displayed at the Siegesaule. I was there. The event itself was a bit boring, it was raining and nobody told us what to do, so I had my own fun. At some point I have noticed that people are taking photos with one woman, well dressed, seemed important. So out of boredom I thought: ok, me too. So there I have a picture of me (I didn't wear the diadem, since it is not waterproof and it was raining) with this woman that I have no idea who she is. If any of you, my dear Readers, knows her, please let me know. Till then I am completely blank on that. But at least there was some fun, since I consider the whole project... well. No, no comment on that.
The mysterious woman and me.


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