Friday, June 24, 2011

Against the wind

So I am alive, though it has been a while since I haven't been writing here. It was due to some unexpected and not so good experiences I have had in the beginning of this year. But I am back. It has been difficult, but I have managed to go through a concentrated string of events that have left some trails on my soul (and body).
One of the things I really like is when the birds are flying against the wind, especially when the wind is strong so they actually stay in one place, not really flying... trying hard to go against the powerful force of nature. And for a while they just stay there, in the air, waving the wings and nothing happens, they don't move a bit. Until the wind gets weaker or it changes the stream... so the birds can continue to fly. But the best moment is when the birds are just there...
This photo was taken by my boss, my Danish boss, who is a wind energy pioneer and actually takes great pictures. I work at the Folkecenter for Renewable Energy (


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