Thursday, October 12, 2006

Venice, beautiful but boring

I have finally finished my second article about Venice Biennale of Architecture. Altogether there will/are be 3 articles: one for Czas Kultury (art magazine from Poznan) - I already sent it, and I guess it is cool, because I could have freely criticise the polish pavilion. Second article is for VOX (design magazine in Poznan). This one I have just finished! And last article (deadline on Oct 15th!) is about China and Biennale for Architektura & Biznes (architectural magazine from Cracow, hopefully they will pay me this time!), and there they didn't want any critic on polish pavilion... they asked if I know any foreign journalist who would write about it, so I asked Berlin based Arch plus, but of course nobody would write about the wonderful polish pavilion. Probably nobody even saw it. Why would anybody see it? I mean, who cares? There were so few people at the opening, maybe because polish architects do not like to travel to foreign countries? Maybe because the opening speach was only in Polish? Maybe the Zacheta curators don't have many foreign friends so non of them came for the opening?

The opening of the polish pavilion at the Architecture Biennale in Venice, 2006. In case, Kozakiewicz is the guy in white shirt. The women are... curators and organisers from our Zacheta Gallery from Warsaw.
Poland is represented by an artist (!) Jaroslaw Kozakiewicz who showed his project "TRANSFER", well made presentation of a walking path suspended above dirty and noisy Warsaw streets. Sounds cool, and in some ways it is an elegant project, but on the other hand, we have already seen such projects, we have even made similar on architectural workshops as students. Ok, maybe not in Poland, but in differnt countries. But hey, remember? we have to catch up with architecture of the western world, we have been isolated in Poland by the bad communists, for many years.
As this project is visually "nice" it is also from environmental point of view... hm, a bit banal and pessimistic. If in the city, which has already huge urban problems with pollution, with messy communication and transport system, the only solution is to make another structure instead of solving the problems at the source, then thit is a sad idea. Pimples should be healed and cleaned with clearasil not covered with make up. But who would listen to me?


Anonymous max said...

what do you mean, 'bad communists'!?! if it weren't for the twists and turns of history and our borthers and sisters in the partei, poland might have turned out like germany, a puppet state controlled by western european greyness. who would have wanted THAT!?
eastern european greyness is at least, something DIFFERENT!

3:30 am  

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