Thursday, June 07, 2007

My God, a GodDaughter

Ok, I do have a God Daughter. Her name is Lena, she is 9. Last time I saw her was... when she was 1. She is the daughter of my cousin. The family was pressing me to come to her Communion on May 13th, and so I did. Straight from Wroclaw I came to my parents and we went to Nowy Tomysl with a car. I was terribly scared of this little girl... I don't really like children, I am scared of them. I don't know what to talk to them about. But this time I had to go, I had to meet my God Daughter... face the child. We went to the church, I survived the mass. Was not that bad.

I saw Lena in the church for the firts time. Ah, she is so pretty!

After the mass we drove to a small village where there was the dinner planned. All family was there. Ok, no comments. I guess they think I am strange, I am 31 (since yesterday), no husband, no child... no house, no car, no real job... but that is me. When my cousin and his wife arrived with Lena, I had to say hallo and greet her... I was so scared! I said stupidly: "Hallo Lena, I am Ania, your Godmother. " And I ran away, hiding behind some family members and my partents. She glanced me, didn't say anything. We all went to the dining room, which was arranged in an old barn. And there was food.... typical polish style, one dish after the other. A lot of food! Every now and then people were going out to have a cigatette and move their legs... I was sitting next to the my boring cousin, the father of Lena. She was sitting on his other side. My Mom was telling me to go to her, and talk... but I couldn't. Of course I was annoyed and said, later, later. I need time. Besides, what can I talk about with a kid? Then there was a photo session with wild aunts, grandmothers etc etc. Poor Lena, I could see she was also annoyed feeling dreadful, when her mother and grandmother were telling her to smile and look nice to the camera. I wanted to make the atmosphere more easy for her and started stupid jokes and making stupid positions to the photos, so little Lena could realx and chill a bit. It worked.
At some point we were circling around each other, Lena and me, looking at each other quriously and carefully. She was following me everywhere. I noticed that. So we started to talk... me, of course saying stupid things... but it appeared she was very cool. And, she did the talking. We went for a walk, we found a cat, ok, she did. she really likes animals. I wouldn' t really take even a cat on my hands... she did. So we went to the fields, to steal some strawberries, but they were not there yet. It was too early. She was telling me stories about herself and I found out she was really cool! We spend the whole day together, far from the family, walking around beautiful fields. It was great. I really felt that I like this crazy girl a lot. She learns english, she plays SIMs, rides horses and goes also to a school of good manners! she will be a cool lady one day!
We really found ourselves. Ok, it took time for both of us, but I guess we both needed it.
When we were leaving I felt reallt sad... my little girl! I think it is the first child that I really like.

Lena and me.


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