Monday, April 07, 2008

The Cat, the Tree and Me

As I was in Warsaw last month, I have stayed at my friend's place. She has a house, a cat, a dog, a garden and a tree. A very particular Tree. One morning as we had our coffee in the garden, the Cat climbed on the Tree. It sat there for a while. At some point the Cat tried to climb down but it couldn't.

The Tree was probably a Salix matsudana (Chinese Willow), as I estimate. so we watched the Cat trying desperately to get down, and we laughed imagining firemen taking the Cat down.
Finally I have decided to be a hero, just like in a movie, and climb the Tree myself to rescue the Cat. And so I did. After a long hassle, I managed to get the Cat - I took it and put it in my friend's loving arms.

But then I have realized that I cannot get down, it was not a big Tree, however I couldn't remember as in the childhood I used to climb trees, how was it to get down... jump? and break a leg? So I sat there for a while. A while. Thank god it was after my morning coffee.

Finally my friend, Frau, she brought me a chair and, as you see - I sit at my computer and write this wonderful and dangerous* adventure down, I managed to get down.
* dangerous - yes, yes, it is a dangerous nature out there...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aniu, fajny ten blog! Calusy od MAgdy

10:25 pm  

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