Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sinus_3 reloaded

The reason I wasn't writing recently was that (one can imagine) I was a bit busy - before Easter I have decided to take part in one competition (art / architecture) and I called on my 2 other friends with whom I had out Sinus_3 design group. Some of you might remember us, some of you don't know about Sinus_3. Basically we were 3 girls, all architects, and we did some art and architecture projects (video, installations, performances), back then, in Poland. We stopped for a while because we all live in different countries now. However I thought there is a reason for us to try again, on different conditions - in the virtual reality. So we have made a project together with invited artist/ architect from NYC. So there you have people in Berlin, Holland, UK and US working together on 1 project. We did it, we have sent the proposal - of course we didn't win, I don't mind that - this project showed us how and if it is possible to work together online. It works. And the competition? I will not say too much about it, makes no sense. It was a polish competition, and from experience I know that all those competitions end with something stinky. Well, I know we didn't win, not because we have got a letter saying "you lost, suckers" or anything like that, not even an email saying "thank you for participating, but you didn't win" - I know we didn't win because I saw on the Internet who won, although it seems an unofficial information. Whatever, a polish competition. If you ever take part, don't fool yourself to be treated in a civilized manner. Examples? National Art Museum competition where Kerez won (or didn't he?), Elisabethan Theatre architecture competition (the jury chose 1 project, then denied and then the jury fell apart). There are other examples. Ok, the good thing is, we did something, we have realized we can still do something together despite the distance. Fine!

Here is one of our older projects, just for the idea - a mirror ball installed in Wrocław, 2000.


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