Friday, August 29, 2008

GO GO Dance at the Gallery

As I am trying not to write too much about our gallery, this time I have to. Last Friday we had an opening of the exhibition by Jurek Kosałka (cool artist from Wrocław, Poland). He literally turned our gallery into a bar. There is a sofa, there is a bar, plenty of Coca-Cola, mirror ball and there is a pole. So for the vernissage we have planned a GO GO dance on the pole. It's not that everybody could dance - there were polish female curators (only!) dancing. Ok, two real curators and me - this time as a gallerist. The evening was brilliant! Jurek was making magical tricks - turning Cola-cola into wine, mixing Cola Light and Mentos, he even conjured up a gold fish. All of you who weren't there - you missed that one! And we - polish female curators - we danced!
more here >>> (english version)

Polish Female Curator nr 1

Polish Female Curator nr 2

Polish Female Gallerist

and yes, on the next day an unexpected guest from the far country....


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