Saturday, September 27, 2008

VOX Design, Rumkugel & Life

Last week we were finishing the next issue of VOX Design ( This time, however, I didn't have to go to Warsaw - 2/3 of my editorial is now in Berlin so we do it, here. Better being in Moabit than in Warsaw. I guess. So as the weather was delirious, work was fine with a little help from... Rumkugel. I discovered this wonderful German sweet invention while being once in Wannsee. Rumkugel is for me a real West-German thing, actually a real "Western" thing, the taste, the smell - it is all Western. You have to remember I come from an "Eastern" country, where as I was a child, we didn't have such goodies.

But this is what I really love at the moment, my work and the idea that I can be anywhere, anywhere in the world, like sitting in my office in the gallery, being chief editor, getting paid from Poland, and then, in the end there is this magazine, printed in Poland, delivered to so many people in the whole country! That is what I call a contemporary nomadic job.


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