Monday, November 06, 2006

Missing man

About 2 years ago I have made a video about our neighbour who lives in the building opposite. I watched him every day, filming from my balcony. Here is the link to the movie (The Whole World) >>>
The man was spending whole days on the balcony, eating, drinking, all alone. Amazing, I felt sorry for him, a bit. Maybe his wife died and he lives alone and takes care of beautiful roses on the balcony to remember her... or maybe he is an old Stasi agent, not so strange for them to live in old houses in Friedrichshain... However I watched him now and then... I got used to his presence. That what the video is about as well.

A still from The Whole World

For winter he was usually gone, closing the balcony and his outdoor life, leaving probably to for a holiday in a dacha. Who knows? But some days ago I noticed that his balcony stays open, in the evening no lights on, during the day he is not there. I started to imagine, is he gone while leaving the doors open? But it is already cold! Or he... passed away? Then nobody would know - he lives alone. And the smell of the rotten body would flow away with the wind through the door... strange. If the doors will be open all night tonight we might call the police! In any case I will keep an update on the missing balcony man.

This is his open balcony, photo taken today. And it is not that warm in Berlin anymore. It is winter!


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