Monday, October 16, 2006

What happened last Saturday

Well, last saturday I started my new little job... as a guard (in german: Aufsichtskraft!) at the "Hannah Arendt Denkraum" exhibition. I have to say that it is my second job like that, and to be honest it is the second "whatever job" in my whole life. Maybe that sounds strange, but I have never "jobbed". It is not so commom in Poland to have such little jobs, people usually finish their studies and get a real job with real money. This here, is not a job I do for money, really, it is too little. Can you imagine to earn 6,5 EUR an hour? But on the other hand, at least I know I will have 6 hours a week just to sit there and READ books! I don't really have time just to read. When I sit in ZERO I always have something to do, so I will enjoy my "time-out-of-real-work" at the Hannah Arendt thing. On saturday there was an opening, there were many people, many "Mitte-people", the ones you don't really meet in Kreuzberg, it was funny. The exhibition itself is ok, it is not great art, but it is a tribute to Arendt, more philosophy and theory ("Inhalt" - that is a cool german word for what I mean).


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