Thursday, November 16, 2006

Police action

I was watching the balcony door every day... every evening... it was always open. I started really to think something happened to the old man. You never know...
I thought of calling the police, but then I was afraid they will send me back to Poland. I don't know why but german police is not what I like to be involved with. After talking with different friends I have decided finally to call the cops. Then, an idea came to me that I could film the whole event. Like, the "Whole World Part 2". So I borrowed two cameras, set them up, one in the window, so that it points to the street and the balcony of the old man, but is covered that nobody sees it is a camera. The second camera, which I borrowed from Anna was already suitable for secret filming, it was in a bag with a special hole for the lens. Full professional! I set up the equipment, called the police, told them I suspect something bad might have happened with my neighbour. When they came, I ran down to film them with my hidden camera and sound recorder (hidden mike). They wrote down my name and birth date, then they went into the building to check up the old man. In the meantime I run upstairs to film from the window. After few minutes they left. It appeared that the old man lives and apparently he likes it chilly in the flat. I admit I was relieved that nothing bad happened. Ten minutes after the police left the old man closed the balcony door and pulled up the curtain.

I have filmed the whole event and will make the "Whole World 2" video. Soon.
In the end, if I didn't watch the man, if I didn't do the first video I wouldn't ever notice that something could have been wrong. Well, nothing was wrong, but you never know.


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