Friday, February 16, 2007

Good News

Ok, I will be paid next week. Case closed.

Bis Millah Al Rehman Al Rahim

The sentence, above, should keep me away from the devil. In this case, the devil is the boss of this workshop institution, where I worked since December. I was told 2 days ago, that he will not pay us anything for January and February. Nothing. So I am not even sad, I am mad. Today I hope to talk to the guy (if he comes back... from his holidays) and get what he owes me, if not, I call the Financial Office and he will be finished. That is it. We will see. I really think he is a devil.

Friday, February 02, 2007


This year we, the Gallery ZERO, also make extern event with the Transmediale07. We have an exhibition "Living in a box" with 3 different artists. It is quite cool. It is just a bit noisy, there is a compressor pumping air and it switches on every 10 minutes... but it is fine.

Tonight also I am presenting my project "Medi@cus" at the panel discussion abou Second Life in Akademie der
Künste. Details below. Everybody is of course welcome!

Friday 02.02.2007, 19.30 "Designing your Second Life"
moderated by: Peter C. Krell [de]
Caspar von Gwinner
[de], Anna Krenz [pl/de], Joachim Stein [de], Aram Bartholl [de]
In Massively Multi-user Online worlds (MMOs) like Second Life, millions of users experience new forms of entertainment, virtual commerce and creative metaphors of identity. This evolution constitutes a challenge for game developers, activists, and artists.

Akademie der Künste

Hanseatenweg 10
10557 Berlin-Tiergarten

Now my avatar, Anna Noonan, is also wearing the diadem.

And this is part of the "Medi@cus" project I am showing at the Transmediale and also presenting tonight at the Salon discussion at Akademie der Künste.

More Info about "Medi@cus" on my website

While my guitar... is pink

I think my new pink electric guitar, which I got from Jacek for christmas, is one of the most beautiful objects in the world. It is pink. Ha! It is not that I can play it, not yet, but that is enough to start a band. Actually we started a band. It has a name, title of the first album and lyrics. What is still missing is music. But that will come. More details soon... hehe.

This is my new guitar. (Photo: Joanna Hoffmann)

Brave New Year

Well, I didn't write for some time and the reason was that this year started quite bad. First of all, my photo camera was stolen by a strange turkish guy who came into the gallery (ZERO) and stole the camera right from may bag. I shouldn't have let him in in the first place. I know. At least I know I will never let any suspicious-looking guy in, ever. It is not that I have something against the turkish or whatever Arab people, but it is just that they steal more often than the germans or polish (excluding cars, hehe). I was so angry! Then, in my training job, where I run workshops for the young people from Kreuzberg, that job was supposed to be well paid. It was supposed to be enough for me and also for the gallery rent. But every week I was being told that it will be less and less money. Apparently the owner of this institution "took" our salaries for his own (private!) needs. And he is a german guy. And worst of all he was behaving very ugly when we wanted to work in normal conditions - I mean we were asking for our promised loans. He was shouting. So that happens in Germany too... and in this way we are left with no money for the rent at ZERO. We didn't apply anywhere for funding, we were hoping for my steady income. Life is unpredictable. So at the moment we have no idea how to continue with ZERO. Ok, that is it. The year started bad, so that means it has to be better, or not? Enough complaining. I just had to let it out.