Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our debut!

Yes, The Curators had theit debut concert! On 20.07.07 we played in Yorck Records in Yorckstrasse 71 Berlin Kreuzberg. First another band played, Los Waldos - Oli and Ralf. Actually it was Oli who found our CD cool and invited us to play with them. for Los Waldos it was also a debut. Yorck Records is one of the oldest records shop in Berlin. In July 2007 they celebrate their 30th anniversary. The shop looks like it didn't change for the last 30 years. The atmosphere was amazing. All these records, CDs, papers, beer bottles lying around... amazing! As we arrived I was terrified to see some of the people we know, some real professional musicians like Wolfgang Seidel (first drummer of Ton Steine Scherben) or Floating di Morel (my idols). Oh, I thought it will be such a shame to play in front of them... however I was not nervous. Jacek and Patrick were really nervous. We had some beers, watched Los Walods play and we chilled, waiting for our turn. I had some vodka shots (from the bottle od Żołądkowa, which I brought in my bag) and all was fine. Then... we set our equipment up - keybords, guitars, e-violin and theremin. and then we did it! We played. And they didn't throw us out, they didn't hush us or threw tomatoes. They liked it! Oh, that was amazing! And the most important thing was that WE liked it. We like to play. After the concert some people came to us and said that it was great. oh, I really didn;t expect that. Guenther, the owner of Yorck Records, said that he had heard everything, a lot of shit, but he liked our music. That means we will continue. Ha! It was really fun. Unfortunately we don't have any photos... shit! I forgot!
I have only photos of Los Waldos, I put some so you can at least have some impression about the place.

After the show we went to th eopening of Planet Prozess - StreetArt exhibition in Cuvrystrasse, but I was already so drunk, that I don't remember anything. Anyway, it was a lovely evening!


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