Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I was invited to show my movies at the Poesiefestival in Kulturbraeueri. The whole evening was organised by Alexander Gumz and was called: "Polish Husbands and Wifes – Lyrik aus dem polnischen Berlin" (ha!). I was supposed to show some videos. Earlier on I realised that I don't have too many videos which could fit in. So I did 2 new videos.

"Unterwegs"/"On the road" is a short video taken as one shot as we drove with Centrala Rybna (Karpiu and Śledziu) around Berlin. This dialog is extremely showing german-polish relations. Funny.

The other movie is called "Dornroeschen" = "Sleeping Beauty". The story is based on Brother Grimms' fairytale. However the images come from this brothel which we visited some years ago, in Schlesissche Strasse. Yes, yes, there used to ba a ... Club Inflagranti... hard core. We visited it just before the whole house was refurbished. It was amazing! Everything was just left there, like people would run away instantly. Old cigarettes, full ashtrays, dried out drinks, rotten sandwiches... We found also 2 boxes full of (full) beer, which was already 1 year expired. That means this place was abandoned ca. 2 years ago... Whatever. The only thing I regret is that we didn't take these beautiful air-brush paintings of some porno scenes... too late. It all happened in 2003 anyway.

The polish poetry evening itself was really nice, I met Krzysztof Niewrzeda who writes cool poems. I am not the biggest fan of poetry, but I like his works. In the end we all got drunk with cheap wine. That is what I call poetry.


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