Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pecha Kucha

I was invited to give a lecture at the Pecha Kucha Night. I will speak about "Hens" - aggressive old women. The speech is based on my project "Hens" about aggressive Polish women, but for the Pecha Kucha I have extended it to German and Turkish women, so it has more local aspect. Pecha Kucha is a cool thing - you give a lecture, you have only 20 images in your presentation and only 20 seconds for each image. Total length of such a lecture is 6.40 minutes.

Images from the lecture about Hens

February 19 | doors open 19:30 | start 20:20
Tape Gallery, Heidestr. 14 | admission €5,-

this is the list of presenters who have confirmed so far:
* Thorsten Rauser (Entrepreneur / Gameshows for everyone. mass interaction in the internet)
* Anna Krenz (Architect and artist / Hens Project: aggressive old ladies)
* Ronald Marx (Theater Regiseur / USA Road Theater)
* Peter Pleyer (curator / Tanztage)
* Sönke Andersen (event organizer / Night of the Raging Bulls)
* Susanne Chrudina (Theater project Zalina)
* Lars Grau und Jan Schulz (Designer and engineer, Spoot - instant communities)
* Leka Dukagjini (Filoart) (curator and artist / Infrared-light against surveillance cameras)
* Johannes P Osterhoff (artist/ Interface-art)
* Can Yoldas (musician and political scientist/ Undo Bundestagswahl 2002)
* Darius Ghanai (Art Director / Marketing for a German movie)

Ronald Marx of the
GTA (German Theater Abroad) will be our guest curator for the evening, and he will also be a presenter himself.Ronald Marx is the artistic director of GTA, which was founded in 1996. GTA produces theatre festivals, stage productions and readings on both side of the Atlantic; among the cities visited are New York, Düsseldorf and Berlin. In his function as a guest curator he will bring more speakers from his network to the Pecha Kucha microphone.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Focus: _| (| | _|

Yesterday I was supposed to take some boxes to the gallery. So at home, I packed them into a plastic bag... the only one I could find was from LIDL*. I thought oh shit, when I go shopping in LIDL, then it is ok to carry everything in LIDL bags, but as I carry something else then I feel, in a way, ashamed. In Berlin you just don't carry a simple supermarket bag with you. It has to be a cool textile "Jute Beutel", self-made from old cool fabric or with a cooool picture on it. Not just simple plastic bag. What could I do? I didn't have any Jute Beutel at home, and I was shamed to carry a stupid LIDL bag, so I just turned it around - inside-out. I thought, ok, it will be less visible. And bravely walked to the U-Bahn station. As I walked on the (my favorite!) Warschauer Brucke, there was a guy who wanted to sell/give me a newspaper... as I mumbled "no" and looked angry away, he shouted after me: Hey, why do you carry a bag on the wrong side?

and I wanted to go unnoticed...

* - for those of you who don't know what LIDL is, it is a cheap supermarket chain.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Poetry Spam again...

So I am posting some images from the Poetry Spam event. Aram Bartholl took the photos so all credits go to him! Perfect. Tomorrow - Thursday 7.02 - on german TV (ARD - Polylux, 23.45Uhr) Poetry Spam will be featured among other artists dealing with spams...

Now, those of you who missed Poetry Spam at Transmediale you can see it again, here are the details:

Die Freie Hand –- Kulturrevue
8 February 2008, starts at 20:00
in TERRY EXPLOSION, Yorckstrasse 70, Berlin 10965

This time it is in a bar... there will be other people reading things, playing music... the whole event is organised by Eve McFar & Oli Übel. You can check it out

Fotos by Aram Bartholl