Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sailing in/to Helsinki

And yes, so we've been to Helsinki - was great. Ok, only 3 days but it was still worth it. We managed to take all paintings with us on Easyjet. We flew to Tallinn and the we took a boat to Helsinki. And that was fun! Has any of you ever tries to do on one of these boats? It is an adventure. It doesn't matter that it is noon - all the Finnish people (young and old!) are buying massive amounts of alcohol in Tallinn or right there on the boat. Alcohol in Estonia is much much cheaper. And then you have all these people singing karaoke, being drunk on the deck, carrying boxes of rum, gin and whatever vodka. I don't want to hear anymore that it is the Polish who drink the most in Europe! Ok?

In Helsinki my gallerists (From Myymala2) took us on their boat - old wooden fisher boat. Maybe they render such a pleasure to every artists they exhibit but again, it was great. Jani even let me drive the boat (or steer?). Well, it was easy - no trees to hit (remember - I don't have a driving license, I don't even know how to drive a car).

"Our" boat is the small one, of course...
And I guess we were lucky - apparently it was the warmest day of the summer in Helsinki. Having a beer on the boat, picnic on the shore of an island... a Nordic paradise. Apparently in Finland it is allowed to drink and steer - with maximum 1,5 promile of alcohol...


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