Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Leggings live

As I was traveling recently (NYC, London, Helsinki) I observed this trend... leggings. Ok, they are back since 2005 but as I don't ramble around cool and fashion-able areas of Berlin (Mitte or PBerg) I missed that and just discovered recently that leggings are really back. The good thing is is that when you wear a dress and leggings the problem zone called "the BELLY" (or life belt) may be safely covered. Looking skinny in such an outfit applies only to those with thin limbs which are sticking out from the dress. Otherwise this can be dangerous... Camouflage may be a trap! And yet, in leggings one doesn't really have to shave legs, right (German) girls?

One of my favorite magazines is "The National Enquirer" a trash paper from the US, but I am not ashamed of that. I love the celebrity photos, blow ups of cellulite and blah blah stories. There is also one of my favorite sections where the editors are judging stars in their glamorous appearances. In every issue there is also a "Freak of the Week". I have made you a national-enquirer-like showcase of BOHO-chics myself, enjoy! Leggings live!


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