Thursday, July 17, 2008

London Fever

What you see there on top of my head is my newest treasure - I was looking for such a hat for a year now. I found it in London! It doesn't mean I will not wear my diadem, oh, no, but for a change now, I have the hat! and you will see - in one year they will all wear them! (Jacek hates it).

As I am writing about my trips and I don't do it chronologically - I will now tell you about our trip to London (3 weekends ago). We went there all three of us - the Curators in full cast: Jacek, Patrick and me. Shame it wasn't a tour... but anyway. We did the tourist thing. We even went to my school - good old Architectural Association! Patrick was visiting some record shops and studios and I (with Jacek) did my architecture tour - visiting some architecture exhibitions.

Psycho Buildings at Hayward... well well!

As every band - we went also to Abbey Road, however we didn't manage to have us all on the photo...

Ah, and good news - we opened a Kebab place in London. Coming from Berlin, one has to have a bit of "home" in the UK...

As we arrived to London, it was just a very fresh act - now it is forbidden to drink alcohol on the tube. So that is why all the British come to Berlin and do the stupid "alco-tourist" trips in the UBahn... now we know! How I hate all those drunken tourists in Berlin! I don't care if what I say is politically incorrect. Drunken tourists are wrecking Berlin. Few years ago, due to the lovely Ryanair, ther was the same in Cracow (Poland) - I don't know if this is still happening there. But that is also the reason why I don't go so often to Mitte... and Warschauer Brucke in the evenings is pure hell! Sh.t! They are coming closer and closer every weekend... they are even reaching further now in Friedrichshain... Way beyond Simon-Dach Strasse, oh!


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