Friday, August 29, 2008

GO GO Dance at the Gallery

As I am trying not to write too much about our gallery, this time I have to. Last Friday we had an opening of the exhibition by Jurek Kosałka (cool artist from Wrocław, Poland). He literally turned our gallery into a bar. There is a sofa, there is a bar, plenty of Coca-Cola, mirror ball and there is a pole. So for the vernissage we have planned a GO GO dance on the pole. It's not that everybody could dance - there were polish female curators (only!) dancing. Ok, two real curators and me - this time as a gallerist. The evening was brilliant! Jurek was making magical tricks - turning Cola-cola into wine, mixing Cola Light and Mentos, he even conjured up a gold fish. All of you who weren't there - you missed that one! And we - polish female curators - we danced!
more here >>> (english version)

Polish Female Curator nr 1

Polish Female Curator nr 2

Polish Female Gallerist

and yes, on the next day an unexpected guest from the far country....

Donna Madonna

I was there... I was at Madonna's concert yesterday (Jacek gave me the ticket for my birthday). And I must say - it was great. Not only because Madonna is an icon, she is not that young but still looks great... it was an experience!

And as everybody is discussing her muscles... and whatever National Inquirer says (that she trained so much to piss Guy Ritchie who doesn't like too much muscles) - I also add my opinion - well, yes, she has very masculine muscles (ha!) ... her arms! But hey! In this age! Better such muscles than floppy fat body. I love her anyway and I am not ashamed to say that!
Funny, at the concert she played a pink guitar (dos that ring a bell?), she wore pink (ha!), she played kind-of a metal solo piece (well, seems she can't really play the guitar, but who cares? Do I know it from somewhere?) and at some point she danced on a pole (that comes in the next post!)
Audience? At the concert there were 3 types of people: gays, polish and polish gays.

I was there!