Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Action Figure: Louise Bourgeois

Maybe I forgot to mention, some time ago we went to NYC - it was my first time there. We stayed at my best friend's apartment in Manhattan (yes yes!). It was great of course - not only due to dollar-euro liaison. One of the memorable events I reckon is my visit at Louise Bourgeois. the procedure to get there is a bit complicated, you have to call a number, write an email etc etc, but in the end, on that sunny Sunday - I was there. Her flat somewhere in Chelsea, looked rather like XIXth Century Paris flat than a world famous artist's apartment in NYC in 2008. There was a whole bunch of us-visitors. Fans, admirers, wanna-be artist, artists, journalists - even her son came by and gave her a box of Tapioka for the Mother's Day. In the darkness of the room I noticed a table with all sorts of alcohol (for the nervous guests like us), drawings and press clippings hanging on the long-not-pained walls.... really amazing interior. And there she was - Louise Bourgeois herself. And yes - she is still alive.

I took one photo of her, although it was not allowed, but due to my respect - I am putting a sketch I did there.

I am not sure if she really heard us, or saw us... but she was there in the spirit of her genius. We were showing our portfolios mostly to the 2 assistants who flanked her at the table. They did the talk as well. I could see that they really had control on everything, the meeting, her moods, even the light. I am not sure if they liked my works, well, you know my stuff, but I didn't really care. I also don't think she really saw me, I don't care about that either. She drank Schweppes with a straw, holding the can in an old metal cup. It was really an experience. It got me so much that as soon as I left this shady place and welcomed New York sun on my face, I went info a shop and got myself a Jesus Action figure to my collection of plastic (mostly made in China) religious figures and toys.


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