Saturday, September 27, 2008

Beautiful People

Last night we went to the Leonard Cohen Tribute Night in Babylon, an event co-organized by Jacek and led by Oli Übel. Well done event, with cool band and many people.

After that we went to this arty event, 166 Torstrasse exhibition. We came quite late but still there were many people, in various stages of drunkenness. The whole building was arranged with art works, which I must admit were not bad!

A room by Raumlabor
But what was really amazing is that there were so many beautiful people, men, women, boys and girls. Actually everybody was beautiful. Where are they all coming from? Mitte? As we went to this "private" lounge, passing through bodyguards checking the guest list (we were not really on the guest list), we ended up in one big flat, with loud music, more beautiful people (the chosen ones by the guest list). It was actually a funny social event - one could buy drinks, but only in bottles. A bottle of Vodka was like 30 EURO, so it was logical to share one with friends, if you had some. Sharing, connecting, drinking... all with beautiful people.

Installation in 166 Torstrasse
Just one funny thing - this whole exhibition, which looked like a squatted house, the one we know from the past, was sponsored by a depot company Hornbach. Subversive? Maybe, but at least something!


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