Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tribute to the Godz

There was this band once, called the Godz. Not quite well known. They couldn't really play the instruments, not to mention singing. They recorded a record in 40 minutes by ESP Records back then. Some of it sounds familiar, doesn't it? (the parts about playing or singing). The Curators decided to make a tribute to the Godz.

Last Sunday we invited Doc Schoko to record the album "Contact High with the Godz" in Festsaal Krenzberg. I don't have to say, that this place on windy Sunday afternoon, all quiet and all just for us, with its red walls and mirror balls... was an experience in itself.

So what we did was: we were playing each song of the Godz and then playing it, just like that. It was not difficult since some of the songs didn't really had lyrics. For example in the first one the Godz sing only "miau, miau"... well, piece of cake - even for us. So we went through the whole album, recording our songs. Apart from that we also have a video material, brilliantly made by Dietmar Post. Something may come out of that Sunday afternoon... what? We will see.


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