Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Design in Prague

2 weeks ago I was in Prague - a business trip - VOX Design was media partner of 2 polish exhibitions at the Designblok (design festival). The festival itself was quite interesting - mainly Czech designers and mainly glass. In various forms... sometimes also filled with lovely fluids... like wine, vodka or simply Bombay.

Bombay Sapphire glass... at the Designblok
When you say Czech design, you think of Qubus. They design porcelain, glass, basically everything. And they are great. At some point we wanted to give a present to our friend, who let us stay in his flat, Marek, and we gave him a Qubus cup (bought in a designer shop). But then he was honest enough to say - well guys, I am selling Qubus, I have plenty of their stuff in my studio anyway. oh! Why didn't we think that every Czech person has a Qubus already, bringing wood to the forest... And yes, he uses Qubus in many various ways...

Qubus' plate in front of Marek's studio.

Few things caught my attention. Once, while walking around we found a strange piece of metal garbage. We were not the only ones who found it inspiring and very "design"-like.

Designer Garbage on the street
Later on that evening at one art exhibition opening there was this metal sculpture... which I must admit was less gorgeous than that simple thrown away garbage. This is art world!

The Sculpture... in fancy art gallery.
Prague is lovely, full of contrasts... once you go to the new and cool art center DOX (where Designblok exhibitions were) and on the next street you see all that funny local situations. Many people have mobiles, like everybody - you can even get a tram ticket by SMS. And then, again, you find that shop windows, where you think - hello! Is it already 21st Century or is it already gone?

Mobile Garbage or Mobile Museum?
There are animals in Prague. Some of them real and living, some of them are just avatars... in a way.
A cat... (a street away from DOX)

A real dog (on the same street where DOX is)

Another dog... (somewhere)

and more dogs... (even more somewhere)

What to think of that?


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